A Quick Review of Maple Leaf Learning Library 


Maple Leaf Learning has always been one of my goto YouTube channels for teaching young learners, as I have written about here, here, here, and here. To date, I’ve always just considered them a maker of cute videos. Recently though they’ve really stepped up their game with a colossal new site called Maple Leaf Learning Library, positively filled to the brim with worksheets, booklets, and songs ideal for teaching English to young learners. The site has a free and a paid section, and I’ve had a chance to play around with both.

In the free section you’ll get access to their extensive collection of flashcards, as well as various activities, crafts, and worksheets. There’s a fairly comprehensives list of topics to choose from like animals, colors, body parts, counting – comprehensive for young learners, that is. There are some really cute and colorful activities to choose from which would complement most lessons. All in all it’s definitely something you’ll want to have in your bookmarks.


Now, if you’re willing to cough up their annual fee of 50 USD then you’ll also get to try out their complete collection of music albums, as well as whole textbooks, craft books, and piles of games. There are some pretty great phonics books in here that I plan to make use of as extra work for my young learners. But if you’re looking for a way to do away with course books from the big publishers altogether, then this could be your ticket. What’s really cool are the five music albums that you can now download as part of your subscription. There are a lot of musical gems in here that I’ve unfairly neglected in favor of Super Simple Songs or Genki English.



All in all, the site is pretty new and obviously has lots of room to grow in the years to come, but you should definitely check it out sooner rather than later.


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