Hundreds of Pages of Worksheets to help You Teach Let’s Go 3 Better!

LG3 Worksheets Bundle (Sample)

I’ve been using Let’s Go 3 to teach English here in South Korea since it was in its second edition (it’s now in its 4th) and have never really had any complaints except that there just weren’t enough ready made materials to use in my lessons. Don’t get me wrong, when inspired I could be pretty creative in my activity planning and come up with lesson plans that were both entertaining and productive. But sometimes I just needed simple practice games and worksheets – stuff that OUP didn’t have enough of.

Well, this month I completed my 2017 update to my Let’s Go 3 worksheet bundle and it is now available at my TpT store. At more than 1200 pages of worksheets, games, and teaching tips – it’s a valuable teacher’s toolbox that will save you loads of time with piles of no-prep activities.

There are piles of vocabulary practice sheets:



Writing worksheets of various types:


And lots of games you can print out whenever you’re short on time:



Slide60It’s also growing. I’m steadily adding more teaching tips and videos to populate the dark corners of the coursebook with more interesting things to do. This particular bundle has more than doubled in size since I first started selling it because as I teach it I’m always figuring out other useful things to add to it. And the updates are always free.

Check it out.


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