Christmas in Camelot, an ESL/EFL Novel Study for Korean Students

Jack and Annie find themselves in Camelot for Christmas where they are sent on an important quest to save the kingdom. Will they succeed? Read Christmas in Camelot with your young learners to find out!

I know. It was getting onto Christmas time and you thought a Christmas chapter book from the Magic Tree House would be a great idea. That, or you were ordered to teach it from on high. You crack open the book and realize what you should have known before. At 16 chapters it’s longer than you expected, and the vocabulary is a bit more difficult than previous books in the series. You suddenly feel that you’re in trouble, big trouble. How on earth will you cope?

Never fear, The ESL Review is here with a novel study designed for use in the EFL classroom.  It comes with all the basic worksheets, handouts, vocabulary lists, and tests that you will need to teach the book effectively in your class. It will also free up your time so that you can work on the really special parts of your lesson that you know best.

Check it out.


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