Voices in Your Head!  The TEFL Show, Intelligent Discussion About Teaching English

To unwind from work some people drink, some play online games, others practice mindfulness.  I listen to podcasts. A lot of podcasts. In the car, doing the dishes, going out for walks. Quite frankly it crowds out a lot of other media that I could otherwise consume. 

The thing is though that since it’s my unwinding time I never listen to work-related podcasts. I avoided them like the plague, until recently when I started listening to The TEFL Show. It had been downloading to my phone automatically for months but I would promptly delete those episodes to make space on my phone for more important things like The Film Review and photos of my wife. But then one day I began listening to it by accident while driving and got through two or three episodes before finally turning it off. It wasn’t bad, even if the witty banter didn’t quite reach the level of Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo.

Hosts Marek Kiczkowiak and Robert McCaul discuss a variety of issues related to the teaching of English. Some of the most recent topics include:

They have a neat blog with all sorts of tutorials for using Internet doohickeys in the classroom. In fact, don’t waste any more time reading about it here. Just go check it out.


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