Nate the Great and the Crunchy Christmas, an ESL/EFL Novel Study for Japanese Students 

Can Nate the Great find Fang the dog’s missing Christmas card before he begins to doubt his mother’s love? Read Nate the Great and the Crunchy Christmas with your young learners to find out! 

This English novel study is designed specifically for use in the ESL/EFL classroom with Japanese speaking young learners in mind. Meticulously crafted and easy to use for both teachers and students, this comprehensive booklet will absolutely enhance your teaching experience. It’s classroom tested, and it works.

(This novel study is also available for Korean and Spanish speakers. Arabic will also be available soon.)

For more focused and useful lessons, it divides the novel into four easy to teach sections: 

  • Section 1: p.1-11
  • Section 2: p.12-21
  • Section 3: p.22-31
  • Section 4: p.32-41

Each section includes:

  • comprehension questions about the story with space for students to answer in full sentences;
  • a creative writing assignment where students can express their opinions about topics related to the text;
  • a vocabulary list with Japanese translations of key words to save on dictionary time and reduce confusion about meaning;
  • a word search puzzle for students to enjoy some quiet time to familiarize themselves with the vocabulary;
  • a sequencing worksheet where students can identify the different components of the story; and
  • a chapter quiz so you can assess your students’ comprehension of the text and vocabulary.

There are also: 

  • student handouts;
  • a crossword puzzle;
  • a make-your-own word search puzzle worksheet;
  • a make-your-own crossword puzzle worksheet;
  • a comic strip project;
  • an illustrator worksheet;
  • a summarizer worksheet;
  • a prediction worksheet;
  • a final test; 
  • a book cover project;
  • a book report assignment;
  • answer keys.

The best thing is that this novel study unit is still growing! Once purchased, all updates are FREE! Before deciding whether to buy this product check out this amazing bundle and save $$$!


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