A Modest Proposal for the Good People at Super Simple Learning this Halloween – Knock, Knock, Trick or Treat? Part 3

Halloween is an exciting time to be teaching children English since the smorgasbord of fun words to learn (witches, vampires, and zombies etc.) can turn even the most lethargic of classroom environments into a bouncy house of excitement. With my youngest learners I usually turn to the good people at Super Simple Learning for high quality, easy to teach ESL/EFL songs – as I’ve written about here.

My personal favorite is “Knock Knock, Trick or Treat?” since it’s an easy way to introduce Halloween costumes such as ghost, cowboy, witch, monster, ballerina, and pirate.

There is also a second part to the song which came out last year and covers mummy, angel, soccer player, astronaut, vampire, and superhero.





The creative team here at The ESL Review has been working hard these past few weeks to come up with this proposal for the lyrics of the third part of the series:












Thank you for your consideration. And please stay tuned for future proposals.



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