A Growing Collection of ESL/EFL Nate the Great Novel Studies for Korean Students

If you’re not in the know, Nate The Great is a pancake-loving, child super sleuth in the business of retrieving everyday items that have gone missing from his neighborhood. Supported by his pet dog and assistant Sludge, Nate and his motley crew of friends are entertaining for both children and adults.

I’ve recently combined my entire collection of Nate the Great novel studies into a single file that can be downloaded in one go. That’s fifteen out of a total of twenty-six novels, with more than one thousand pages of teaching supplements. At the price I’m charging it’s the equivalent of paying for ten books and getting five for free (as well as each of the remaining books that I’ll be adding over the next year).

You can see which titles are available below. Some are missing, but if you leave a message at my store or in the comments section below I’ll get to work on the book you need right away. 

The novel studies below have been designed for use with students whose first language is Korean, but this same bundle is available for Japanese speaking students, while bundles for Spanish and Arabic should be available later this month. Click on any of the images below to check it out.


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