Having a Bad Monday? Never Fear! English Teacher Humour is Here!

When you’re having one of those days when you shudder at the sight of your students singing horribly off key, and are utterly despairing over what you’re doing with your life, just know that there is hope! Check out a new site called English Teacher Humour. It’s pretty much The Onion, but for people in our profession.

The piece below really hit home…

Jul 26 Class Of 4-Year-Olds Mock Teacher’s Drawing Skills

BARCELONA, SPAIN – A group of very young learners were left confused and repeatedly face-palming as their teacher failed miserably to depict a number of animals due to be tested in the following week’s English class.

“I bet he wished the ground would have swallowed him up,” comments Antoni. “He started with a big circle and them some fins and six legs. We all looked at each other wondering what the heck this guy was on. Apparently, it was an octopus. An octopus? Are you having a laugh or what?”

You can finish reading this piece here.


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