Worksheets, Games, and Other Teaching Materials for Let’s Go 1, Let’s Go 2, and Let’s Go 3

I’ve been using the Let’s Go coursebooks in my classes in South Korea for more than ten years. I like them very much but like similar coursebooks, they are somewhat stingy when it comes to supplementary materials, like practice worksheets or ready to use games. That’s why over the years I’ve created nearly 3000 pages worth of materials for Let’s Go 1, Let’s Go 2, and Let’s Go 3 that are classroom tested and easy to use.

Each comprehensive worksheet booklet includes:

teaching tips with ideas for how to teach the unit using games and other activities;

vocabulary worksheets such as picture dictionaries and word puzzles where students can spend some quiet time to familiarize themselves with the vocabulary;

writing worksheets where students can gain confidence in writing their own sentences;

board games for students to practice using this unit’s vocabulary and phrases enjoyably including classic games such as concentration, dominoes, tic-tac-toe, snakes and ladders, as well as an original board game ideal for review of the entire unit;

more challenging unit tests to verify that students have accomplished the goals of the unit; and

much, much more!

Click on the images below to check them out. If you teach any of the Let’s Go books, you won’t regret it!


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