The Greatest, the BEST Twitter Hashtag in the ELT Community this Election Season

This past week I came across some tweets that made me shoot milk out my nose, no joke. #TrumpELT is remarkable for both its ingenuity and the fact that it is still relatively underdeveloped. If you’re on Twitter, and you’re feeling creative, check it out and get busy while there is still time left. I always try to keep out of politics on this blog, but what the hell – it’s funny stuff.

Magic Tree House #30: Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve, a Halloween-Themed ESL/EFL Novel Study for Korean Speakers

If you are into teaching the Magic Tree House series to your young learners you will love volume 30, Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve, this Halloween. In this novel, Jack and Annie must find the Diamond of Destiny and save the mystical land of Camelot from the evil Raven King. It’s an exciting adventure that will keep both you and your students enthralled from beginning to end. 

The ESL Review has designed a novel study booklet perfect for students whose first language is Korean. It includes:

– comprehension questions about the story with space for students to answer in full sentences;

– a creative writing assignment where students can express their opinions about topics related to the text;

– a vocabulary list with Korean translations of key words to save on dictionary time and reduce confusion about meaning;

– a word search puzzle for students to enjoy some quiet time to familiarize themselves with the vocabulary;

– a sequencing worksheet where students can identify the different components of the story; and

– a chapter quiz so you can assess your students’ comprehension of the text and vocabulary.
There is also: 

– a comic strip worksheet;

– a vocabulary list;

– a summarizer worksheet;

– an illustrator worksheet;

– a make your own word search puzzle worksheet;

– a whole book crossword puzzle

– a make your own crossword puzzle worksheet;

– a making predictions worksheet;

– a final test with answer key;

– a book cover project; and

– a book report assignment.

This novel study booklet is also available in Spanish and Japanese. 

Nate the Great and the Halloween Hunt, an ESL/EFL Novel Study for Japanese, Korean, or Spanish Speakers

Here’s a scenario: Halloween is fast on its way and you need to teach a spooky book with your ESL/EFL students. You’re not sure what to do. Well, why not spend the holiday reading Nate the Great and the Halloween Hunt with your young learners? This children’s thriller will keep you on your toes as young super-sleuth Nate seeks out a lost cat on the scariest day of the year.

You might also want to think about trying The ESL Review’s novel study for this book. It has been expressly designed for teaching Nate the Great and the Hallloween Hunt to young learners whose first language is something other than English – like Japanese, Korean, or Spanish.

It’s classroom tested, and it works.

A Modest Proposal for the Good People at Super Simple Learning this Halloween – Knock, Knock, Trick or Treat? Part 3

Halloween is an exciting time to be teaching children English since the smorgasbord of fun words to learn (witches, vampires, and zombies etc.) can turn even the most lethargic of classroom environments into a bouncy house of excitement. With my youngest learners I usually turn to the good people at Super Simple Learning for high quality, easy to teach ESL/EFL songs – as I’ve written about here.

My personal favorite is “Knock Knock, Trick or Treat?” since it’s an easy way to introduce Halloween costumes such as ghost, cowboy, witch, monster, ballerina, and pirate.

There is also a second part to the song which came out last year and covers mummy, angel, soccer player, astronaut, vampire, and superhero.





The creative team here at The ESL Review has been working hard these past few weeks to come up with this proposal for the lyrics of the third part of the series:












Thank you for your consideration. And please stay tuned for future proposals.


Analytical Grammar – English Nerds Who Know How to Tell a Good Joke

This comic strip had me chuckling this morning as I got ready for work (well, as I thought about getting ready for work, to be exact). Gems like this show up everyday in my Facebook feed courtesy of Analytical Grammar, basically the George Takei of grammar nerds.

Have a nice weekend folks.

A Growing Collection of ESL/EFL Nate the Great Novel Studies for Korean Students

If you’re not in the know, Nate The Great is a pancake-loving, child super sleuth in the business of retrieving everyday items that have gone missing from his neighborhood. Supported by his pet dog and assistant Sludge, Nate and his motley crew of friends are entertaining for both children and adults.

I’ve recently combined my entire collection of Nate the Great novel studies into a single file that can be downloaded in one go. That’s fifteen out of a total of twenty-six novels, with more than one thousand pages of teaching supplements. At the price I’m charging it’s the equivalent of paying for ten books and getting five for free (as well as each of the remaining books that I’ll be adding over the next year).

You can see which titles are available below. Some are missing, but if you leave a message at my store or in the comments section below I’ll get to work on the book you need right away. 

The novel studies below have been designed for use with students whose first language is Korean, but this same bundle is available for Japanese speaking students, while bundles for Spanish and Arabic should be available later this month. Click on any of the images below to check it out.

Having a Bad Monday? Never Fear! English Teacher Humour is Here!

When you’re having one of those days when you shudder at the sight of your students singing horribly off key, and are utterly despairing over what you’re doing with your life, just know that there is hope! Check out a new site called English Teacher Humour. It’s pretty much The Onion, but for people in our profession.

The piece below really hit home…

Jul 26 Class Of 4-Year-Olds Mock Teacher’s Drawing Skills

BARCELONA, SPAIN – A group of very young learners were left confused and repeatedly face-palming as their teacher failed miserably to depict a number of animals due to be tested in the following week’s English class.

“I bet he wished the ground would have swallowed him up,” comments Antoni. “He started with a big circle and them some fins and six legs. We all looked at each other wondering what the heck this guy was on. Apparently, it was an octopus. An octopus? Are you having a laugh or what?”

You can finish reading this piece here.

More Excellent Videos for Young ESL/EFL Learners from Maple Leaf Learning

Maple Leaf Learning produces some of my favorite YouTube videos for young learners. They may not have quite the production values of outfits like Pancake Manor or Storybots, but they are better suited for young children learning English. I’ve written before about some of their videos here, here, and here.

Among my favorites are their series of simple skits, an ideal accompaniment for the first level of any of the major coursebooks. I wish they’d make a lot more of them to tell you the truth.

Here are a few you should check out:

Recent Art Work from Stone Fox

One of my young learners recently completed a comic book version of chapter 4 for the novel Stone Fox, which we had been reading in class  for the past month. Upon seeing her work, I thought to myself that this young lady has a real future as a graphic novel artist. Her dream is to be a writer as it happens.

The template for her work comes from my Stone Fox novel study for Korean students. The Japanese and Spanish versions should be out in a month or so. Click on any of the images below to visit the product page at my store.



A Beautiful Series of Alphabet Pictures I Discovered When I Should Have Been Sleeping

I came across these adorable images on Facebook during the wee hours of the morning and thought they were perfect for tuning into the artistic side of my young learners. The actual artist of these pictures is still unknown to me but I am attempting to figure out who they are.