More About Comic Books in the Classroom

036610This past Christmas I tried out the short novel Nate the Great and the Crunchy Christmas with a few of my intermediate level classes. It’s a riveting tale of one detective’s efforts to save Christmas for a ferocious hound named Fang, desperate for his annual Christmas card from his mother. Between the witty banter of the characters and the beautiful illustrations, the book proved to be a hit among my students.

One of my favorite end of novel activities is to get my students to create a comic book version of the story. For most children it’s a preferable and more creative activity than the classic book report, so they generally put more effort into it. I tell them to choose their favorite section of the book and concentrate on that. 

But one of my students asked if he could do his assignment about the whole book. With my full blessing (and the exasperation of some of the other children), he took a few more sheets of paper and got to work. The following Monday he presented me his masterpiece, which, like all good adaptions, was a combination of the actual text and some creative deviations.
You can see his work below:      img_3818

Nate the Great and the Crunchy Christmas (Korean)

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