Free Picture Writing Prompts by Lanternfish


The other day I was casually browsing the contents of Lanternfish, a newly discovered treasure trove of free EFL teaching materials. The site is the creation of Chris Gunn, a former EFL teacher in South Korea who has since moved on to bigger and better things.

I was really pleased to come across a series of a few dozen worksheets whereby students describe and caption an image. They are divided into three levels: young learner, basic, and intermediate.

Here is an example of an intermediate level image:   Here’s an example of a basic level image:

  lanternfishnd here is an example of a young learner level image:

What I really like is the advice Chris provides for teachers trying out this classic exercise for the first time, especially the kinds of sentences students might try to make. You should check the site out.

(Super Teacher Worksheets also has an excellent selection of similar worksheets, which aren’t free, but certainly worth the pittance they cost.)

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