What Are You Talking About?: A Real Fun Game.

EFL Sensei should be an essential resource for teachers needing activities to liven up their classes. Just the other day I tried out the “What Are They Talking About?” game in a class of grade five and sixes. Here’s the link: What are you talking about?

Essentially, the teacher writes the final sentence of a dialogue, something the students don’t understand the context of, and students have to construct what comes before it.

It was fun. There was a bit of groaning at the beginning, but that might have been more to do with my choice for the out of context sentence.

Here is a sample conversation produced by my students:

A: Tomorrow is my birthday! Oh, the phone is ringing…

B: Hello. This is the zoo. Would you like a free animal?

A: Yes, I would!

B: We have some lovely gorillas.

A: Um…I’m not sure.

B: We will send them to you today.

A: I don’t want any gorillas! (this last one was the out of context sentence I wrote on the board.)


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