Time to Shake up the Hokey Pokey

After all the Halloween madness of last month I thought it was time to try an old favorite, the Hokey Pokey Shake from the good people at Super Simple Learning. If you’ve never heard it before you should check out my blog post from two years ago, it really is the best version of the classic children’s song.

But I needed something extra as a game to fill up the last few minutes of the lesson and that’s when I came across Russ Clayton¬†of Russ TV. An inspiring children’s musician with his own YouTube channel, I shamelessly pilfered the mid-song game he plays with his audience.

As you can see from the video, after every verse he stops the song and gets the children to strike a pose, which they copy from the large drawing he shows them. After watching the video for the second time I copied the what I hope weren’t copyrighted images onto a pad of paper like so:


The next morning I played the game with my five and six year old students more or less like Russ did, and I must admit to greater fanfare than I expected. After the song we even practiced the poses just for the fun of it.

It was a real energetic morning.

High Flying Chinese Acrobats with Let’s Go 6

Let's Go 6 cover

This past week I was teaching the Let’s Read section of Unit 6 in Let’s Go 6, which includes a story about a girl named Mei.¬†Here’s the first paragraph:

“My name is Mei. I’m an acrobat. Everyone in my family is an acrobat, too. We perform with a circus. I’ve been a performer since I was a little girl… Every afternoon, I practice acrobatics with my family. I need strong arms and legs.”

Performers such as Mei just aren’t as amazing on the page when compared to the real thing so I found this CCTV broadcast with some real acrobats and played it on the big screen for the children.

I’ve watched it multiple times already but my heart still jumps at some parts. I think I’ll be including a link of it in my Unit 6 Worksheet Booklet (when it finally comes out, that is).

Do you teach Let’s Go 1-6 as well? If you do, check this out.