The Best of the Best in A to Z Letter Crafts

Learning the alphabet is one of the primary activities of first time learners, and it usually involves a lot of pencil and paper time – but it doesn’t have to. Why not spice up your lessons with a little arts and crafts to inspire your young learners and tap into their inner creativity? At very least they’ll think you’re the cool English teacher. Some teachers might turn up their noses at consulting ‘Mommy Blogs’ like the ones I’m going to suggest, but remember that you’re better than that. Once you’re hooked, save yourself some time and check out the extensive catalogue of these amazing works on my Pinterest crafts board.


If you have the resources and the time you’ll definitely want to try making handprints at least once with your young learners. Not to be confused with the insurers, Crystal & Comp. has an excellent series from A to Z and is your one stop shop for everything you’ll need to make yourself look like a supermom. But there are also good ideas for teachers. Don’t forget to check out Mommy Minutes and Red Ted’s Art for equally nice artwork to try in the class.

& Crafts

totally tots 4 The Totally Tots blog is designed for parents who plan on homeschooling their children but it is chock full of amazing ideas for crafts and other activities that could be put to use in the EFL classroom. It’s been out of action for a couple of years now but you really should take the time to scan the amazing ideas this dedicated group of mothers have come up with. Remember, there’s nobody who can teach you more about what children like to do than their own mothers. They offer a craft for each letter of the alphabet (both upper case and lower case), but they’ve also paired their crafts with an appropriate storybook. 스크린샷 2015-05-13 오전 10.41.55 Other blogs you’ll want to check out include The Measured Mom, How to Run a Home Daycare, and Crystal and Company.


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