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스크린샷 2015-05-06 오전 11.48.09 As someone who is always looking for alternatives to costly and sometimes cumbersome coursebooks, it was a pleasure to have discovered while reading this interview with one of its cofounders on the excellent blog ELT Rants, Reviews, and Refections. The work of Neil Millington and Brad Smith, two EFL lecturers in Japan, provides FREE reading comprehension passages and exercises for use at home or in the classroom.

There are five levels to choose from: easy English, interesting English, fun English, practical English, and academic English. Each lesson offers a reading passage on topics ranging from airplane announcements or shopping receipts to articles about the iPhone or Google Glass. Students can listen to the article being read out, as well as complete the multiple choice comprehension questions without having to do any logging in. One click and you can check your answers right away, and the site will even explain where you went wrong. There are printable versions of the lesson and quiz as well as other useful handouts. 스크린샷 2015-05-06 오전 11.51.43 스크린샷 2015-05-06 오전 11.51.57 스크린샷 2015-05-06 오전 11.52.12 스크린샷 2015-05-06 오전 11.54.02 Dreamreader stands up well against Newsmart, the WSJ reading site which I reviewed last year, and is in my opinion a more practical option for the classroom. You should check it out.


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