The Chocolate Touch EFL Worksheets for Korean and Japanese Students

The Chocolate Touch is a hilarious children’s novel by Patrick Catling about a greedy boy named John Midas who one day acquires the curse of turning everything he touches into chocolate. It’s a wonderful story worthy of time in the classroom but the problem is there just aren’t any supplementary materials to support the teaching of it to children in an EFL setting. Until now, that is. This past weekend I uploaded my novel study worksheet booklets for The Chocolate Touch designed especially for teaching students whose first language is Japanese or Korean. (I’m hoping to have Arabic, Spanish and Mandarin made within a year).

These materials are classroom tested and effective. They’re also a bargain in terms of how much time they’ll save you in not having to prepare your own materials. Each unit of the booklet covers one chapter of the book and includes vocabulary lists (with translations), which can very useful for getting across the meaning of key words in the text. This will be very reassuring to teachers who don’t share the L1 of their students.There are also reading comprehension questions, creative writing exercises, vocabulary practice, word puzzles, and a unit quiz. I’ve also included a comic strip project, a book cover project, crossword puzzles, a book report, and a final test.

Slide4 Slide5 Slide6 Slide7 Slide8 Slide9 Slide10

Not sure you want to commit? Try the first unit out for free with your students! We also have the other great children’s novels Nate the Great, Freckle Juice, and that Magic Tree House Classic Dinosaurs Before Dark.


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