Journal Prompts from The Moffat Girls

Be it daily or weekly, journal writing is an important time for young learners to figure out how to write well, and to develop confidence in themselves. I’ve always been partial to designing my own journal prompts, but this year I decided to sample more of other teachers’ materials so that my students start writing about topics I’d never thought of before.

In my first attempt, I really hit the jackpot when I discovered these amazing journal prompts from The Moffatt Girls, an online teaching materials store on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT). The creation of Annie Moffatt, the top selling producer on TPT, these easy to use journal prompts come out in a monthly booklet that you can download as a pdf file for the low, low price of $4.

02. December Journal Prompts

01. January Journal Prompts
03. February Journal Prompts


There are about 20 prompts in each booklet, and include vocabulary words to help the children get started, and a space for drawing about what they are writing about.

04. Journal Cover Page 05. Journal Instructions 06. Journal Sample

I’ve been using them since the New Year and I have noticed a significant improvement in the writing of my students. They’re just happier to put pencil to paper now, and they don’t begrudge me for giving them an extra assignment each day.


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