Catchy Animal Guessing Videos from Maple Leaf Hashima

Maple Leaf Learning has more than one hundred videos on their YouTube channel for young learners, including immensely useful series that teach the sounds of the alphabet and how to read CVC words. Their animal guessing series has also been a surprising hit in my classroom, which just goes to show that you can never predict what children will like.

There are four videos in the series: “Whose Tail is It?”; “Whose Mouth is It?”; “Whose Ears are These?”; and “Whose Feet are These?” The lyrics go something like, “Whose tail? Whose tail? Whose tail is it?” and then a cropped image of an animal’s tail is shown. The kids then go wild guessing whether it belongs to a lion, a pig, a monkey, or something else entirely. This is followed by the big reveal of what the animal is, which causes no shortage of ‘I told you so’s among the children.

Maple learf hashima - monkey

                                            Can you guess whose tail it is?

Between reviewing animals, body parts, and introducing the concept of possessives, there’s a lot of useful English being taught in a way that students can readily pick up. The lyrics are surprisingly catchy too, and you’ll soon find yourself, not to mention your students, absentmindedly singing the song while washing the dishes (and drawing strange looks from your spouse).

Give them a watch, you won’t regret it.


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