New Worksheets at the ESL Review Store


I’ve just uploaded a new worksheet packet to my store at Teachers Pay Teachers. The 50 worksheets in this set are designed to supplement Unit 1 of Let’s Go 5, giving your lessons that extra punch and just a bit more rigor.

There are word puzzles, scrambled sentences, questions and answer sheets (and much, much more as Laurie Taylor of the BBC would say) that are great for those times in the class or at home when you’ve finished all the workbook pages but still need more writing practice. The best part is that once you’ve got them, they’re yours forever, to use again and again with future classes.

Worksheet packet 1

There’s tons to do in this worksheet packet already but it will eventually double/triple in size.

At my store this latest product costs just $3, a steal for how much time you’ll be saving yourself. But for this week only (until 10:00pm KST on Nov. 3rd) you can download it for free (JUST CLICK HERE). The advantage of buying it, though, is that you’ll get all the future updates at no additional cost as the number of worksheets increases to an eventual 100~150 (the price grows with the size).

I’ll be uploading a new set every other week, so stay tuned for LOTS more freebies from ESL Review.

UPDATE: This freebie special is now over. Thanks to the 76 great teachers who downloaded the file and tried it out. And a  special thanks to John in China for his helpful comments.


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