Great Videos for Teaching CVC Words

I’m fond of using the vast array of educational videos on YouTube in the final ten minutes of my beginner classes, when attention spans are at their lowest. There’s a lot you can pack in there if you know which videos to put in your playlist. One amazing channel you may want to consider looking up is Maple Lead Hashima, which has an excellent selection of videos for young learners that include lists of vocabulary words, simple skits, and catchy songs.

The following six videos have been very effective for me in pre-teaching CVC (consonant vowel consonant) vocabulary words like cat, bed, sit, box, and sun. Before teaching a short vowel sound, I’ll often show the video two or three times in the classes leading up to the actual lesson. By the time the students are “learning” it blackboard style for the first time, they already know it pretty well, making the job of the teacher much, much easier. Trust me, they work.


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