New Video: I See Something Blue by Super Simple Songs

The latest video from the good people at Super Simple Learning (SSL)  is without a doubt a home run. I See Something Blue is a golden oldie from their first album, about which I have previously written here. The young lads I played the video for today positively flew out of their seats to point at the screen and sing along at full volume. Needless to say the animation is stunning, surely among SSL’s best work.

I can’t wait for the sequel.

Oh, and my long-delayed review of the greatest song in all of EFL-dom will be up on the blog within the next few days. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “New Video: I See Something Blue by Super Simple Songs

  1. Thanks, Mark! So glad to hear that the kids enjoyed it. This is such a fun and interactive song, we just had to make the video the same way. Something that kids would enjoy watching again and again as they find more blue, yellow, red, and purple things on the screen and all around them.
    The sequel is in the works! “I See Something Pink” is coming soon. 🙂
    Super Simple Learning

    • Sara – Are you really from Super Simple Learning? My son (16 months) and my daughter (3 years) are HUGE fans of your music videos!

      My daughter loves to sing along to old McDonald. She loves that part where you ask, “What does a cow say? Meow? Quack? Moo?” You Old MacDonald youtube video has 44 million views. I think 22 million are from our house.

      Just wanted to thank you for making these! The kids in our house are mega-fans! Keep up the great work.

      • Hi Tim!!
        This is Sara, and I really am from Super Simple Learning!! I’m so happy to meet you and your family, it sounds like you guys are great friends of ours.
        Please give your daughter a high-five for having such good taste in songs (I really like Old McDonald as well). 😉
        And virtual hugs all around!! ❤️
        Super Simple Learning

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