Play Pictionary with your Students for Free

One of the most popular games played by my students is Pictionary. I drag it out every once in a while as a reward for when they do well on a test or have a particularly productive day in the classroom. It’s not a filler game either. You’d be surprised at how many vocabulary words your students will recall when winning a game is at stake. (You can read up on the rules here if you are unfamiliar with the game.)

The trouble is that it retails for between $40-50 on Amazon, and I HATE forking over that kind of cash when there is a cheaper (or free) alternative that is just as good in the classroom.

So, just visit a wonderfully useful blog called The Game Gal, which provides pages and pages of topical clues for Pictionary such as these:

Pictionary 01

The clues are downloadable as pdf files and thus easily printable and savable.

Lacking a physical game board, I draw one on the white board, making sure to leave enough space underneath for the kids to draw the pictures. I also use big red or blue dots as team tokens. The advantage of this vis-à-vis a regular board is that if you have a large class, now everybody can see where their team is in the game. You’ll also need some dice as well.

Pictionary 04

And to add to the excitement I also use an online timer from

Pictionary 02 Pictionary 03

And now you’re ready to play Pictionary for free.


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