EFL Sensei, Readymade Activities and Lesson Plans for the Busy English Teacher

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If you’re not in the know, EFL Sensei is a very usable resource for first timers and pros alike; the creation of Becki Benedict and Shawn Weldon, two EFL teachers with a decade of teaching experience each. The site offers ready to use activities, games, handouts, and lesson plans that can be easily downloaded, printed, or shared. What’s more, it’s nicely designed and easily navigable, which is not always the case even among some of my favorite EFL sites

EFL Sensei 01

While a lot of the activities and games seem more geared toward teens and adults, many could easily be modified for use with young learners. Benedict has also condensed her years of experience into easily digestible and convenient EFL folk wisdom on the Tips page, which is very readable and divided into topics that any teacher would be interested in learning more about. And if you’re nostalgic for the days when Friends was still on the air (which I admittedly am not), and you’ve always wanted materials to teach your students, then you’re in luck (click the link and scroll down)

I’ll be writing again on this site after I’ve tried some more of their activities in the classroom but EFL Sensei has definitely made its way onto my “go to” list for whenever I need a few new ideas.


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