A Review of Super Simple Learning’s “One Little Finger”

One Little Finger, the fourth track of Super Simple Songs 1, by the good people at Super Simple Learning (SSL), is a tune I’d heard plenty of times but had never really given a shot in the classroom. I only knew about it because it came right after Seven Steps (which my young learners beg me to play again and again). It seemed cute but I just never got around to teaching it, or in all honestly really paying any attention to it at all. It just didn’t seem like a big deal.

What a mistake that was. Just for kicks I took it on the road with me this month and taught it to a couple dozen classes of preschoolers, more than 300 kids in all, and without exception it was a huge hit. The kids just went wild it for it, although truth be told I wasn’t really sure why at first.

One Little Finger introduces the words up and down as well as several parts of the body: finger, head, nose, chin, arm, leg, and foot. You can give it a listen here by watching this cool video recently released by SSL:

There’s something really soothing about the music and lyrics that draws the kids in and doesn’t let go until the song is done – exactly the kind of classroom tool any teacher would want. The characters featured in the video are the same as those in SSL’s If You’re Happy, Happy, Happy…. video, which I found charming, and was positively enchanting for the children. Between the video and the song, One Little Finger is a real winner.

But for a look at how the song really should be sung, check out this next video of preschoolers being led through the song at Hands-On English, a private English school in Japan. The teacher changes the lyrics just slightly between verses for additional repetition, which helps with ‘vocabulary inception’ (I just re-watched the movie recently, and I think I have seen the future of language instruction). Anyways… now for that video…

Aren’t the kids just bursting with energy and enthusiasm? – exactly what we should all strive for in our classes. I am still trying to find out the name of the person in the video, if anything because I think she’s super cool and I ended up basing my own lesson largely on how she was singing the song.

There are some cute (and FREE) flash cards available for download (whether you have bought the CD or not) as well as some great ideas and links for teaching the song on the official song page.

스크린샷 2014-02-22 오후 4.02.05 스크린샷 2014-02-22 오후 4.02.15 스크린샷 2014-02-22 오후 4.02.29 스크린샷 2014-02-22 오후 4.02.40

I’m really looking forward to teaching it again to a new group of children, just because I had so much fun the first time around, and so will you. Maybe it’s the finger action I liked the most; after all it did take me two days to stop doing it in my sleep. That’s not creepy, right?

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2 thoughts on “A Review of Super Simple Learning’s “One Little Finger”

  1. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for your review and comments on One Little Finger. Glad you’ve discovered it! 🙂
    I always had great success with this song in the classroom. Kids just have a fun time singing it. Loved the Hands On video, she does a great job keeping the enthusiasm high and eliciting word repetition in a fun way.
    Once students learn the song, it’s easy to play with it. Try substituting different parts of the body (put it on your elbow, put it on your knee…), or counting for each verse (one little finger, two little fingers, three little fingers…). Plus the song works well for large and small groups.
    Super Simple Learning

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