Flashcard Generator from Super Teacher Worksheets

스크린샷 2013-07-21 오전 11.01.51In other news, Super Teacher Worksheets (STW) has recently released an easy-to-use flashcard generator that’s sure to make the lives of teachers everywhere much easier. Personally I hate paying top dollar for the flashcards sold by the major publishers, and this little toy goes a long way to ensuring I never have to again. There’s just one little problem, but I’ll be getting to that later.

Now for the preliminaries. Choose from among eight color options for the borders, then label the flash cards and add your name as creator.

스크린샷 2014-02-07 오후 8.30.41Choose the words you’d like to appear on the flashcards.

스크린샷 2014-02-07 오후 8.33.02

Press the green button, and voila!

스크린샷 2014-02-07 오후 8.34.11

스크린샷 2014-02-07 오후 8.35.56

Now you just have to print and laminate them and you have your own professional looking flashcards.

A moment ago I said I had a little problem with this whole set up, well here it is: pictures. Although this flashcard generator is amazing, what would make it even better is if there were an option to upload images onto the cards. It might be asking a little much but STW continues to up their game and so I guess my expectations have been raised. Still amazing all the same.

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