Upcoming Webinar: Changing with the Times: The 21st Century Classroom

Adapting technology for use in the EFL classroom continues to be a hobby/concern/obsession of mine. So my interest was piqued by a blog post on the OUP Global ELT Blog by the teacher and materials developer Gareth Davies titled “Changing with the Times: The 21st Century Classroom,” in which he asks:

“How does this digitalisation of life affect our students when they come into our classrooms? Have their expectations changed or their behaviour patterns? Should we be looking to adapt our methodology to meet the modern challenges of 21st Century teaching?”

A webinar on 30th of January by Mr. Davies will expand on his thoughts in the blog. Alas I’ll be traveling in Japan then, but just in case I plan to sign up anyway. And so should you, by visiting the registration page. In the meantime you can read more material written by Mr. Davies by checking out his blogs.

Here is a video from Mr. Davies discussing interactive whiteboards:

And another on using digital media with teenagers:


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