Oceans and Continents Project from Super Teacher Worksheets

This week I began using Spectrum Geography 3 with an advanced class of elementary school students. I’ll be writing more about it in the future, but for now it’s enough to say that Spectrum is a superb series that I highly recommend for high level learners. The first lesson of Geography 3 is called “Models of the Earth” and introduces such terms as physical map, the equator, the poles, elevation, and other useful terminology that children might be learning in social studies if they were attending an English speaking school.

But the real heart of the lesson is learning the names of the seven continents and four five oceans (although not everybody uses the term Southern Ocean yet, I am banking on the day that they do, so I included it in the lesson.) This can be quite challenging though since names such as Atlantic, Pacific, and Antarctica can prove difficult for children to remember. Fortunately for me, Super Teacher Worksheets had exactly what I needed to supplement my lesson. It’s no surprise really, since Spectrum Books and Super Teacher Worksheets complement each other very well.

스크린샷 2013-07-21 오전 11.01.51

In this project children construct a world map out of four sheets of size A4 paper. You can view a preview of it by clicking on this link, or you can just scroll down to the images below. As you can see, students cut out the pieces of the map and glue the four quadrants together. They then cut out the names of the oceans and continents and glue them in their correct places. They they color all the continents and oceans according to the instructions. It’s easy as pie really, but it’s exactly the kind of hands on learning that really helps to cement these kinds of terms into those little heads.

Here is what the project looks like beforehand:

스크린샷 2013-12-05 오후 8.14.10

스크린샷 2013-12-05 오후 8.15.03스크린샷 2013-12-05 오후 8.15.38스크린샷 2013-12-05 오후 8.16.04And here is what it looks like when it’s completed:

photo 1 photo 2Super Teacher Worksheets has a USD20 annual subscription fee, but it really is peanuts when compared to the quality of the materials you gain access to. They always seem to have that little something extra that will make your lessons special.


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