Top 5 Video List: Counting from 1 to 10

Caught my last post about counting videos and needed just a bit more? Well, you’re in luck! After careful evaluation by scientisty types with clipboards, ESL Review can now bring you its top five pick of YouTube videos about counting from 1 to 10.

5. The Number Train by Vidz4Kids

I’m sure many of you may watch the number train and think that it just plods along at an excruciatingly slow pace, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But to KIDS there is a certain thrill in watching the numbers go by and anticipating what will come next. Just play it and see. I also like that Vidz4Kids uses the voices of young native speakers instead of old farts like us.

4. The Number Song by Dream English Kids

Matt of Dream English Kids has done it again with this great number song that combines counting and TPR. It always gets the kids off their butts and jumping along.

3. The Count to 10 Song by Pancake Manor

This song works in the opposite way to my other selections. Most students are usually so fascinated with the variety of faces and ages in this song that they end up counting along very quietly and thoughtfully. That is, until they see the part with the jelly beans and then it’s all about “Do WE get to have jelly beans too, teacher? Do we? Do we?”

2. Ten Doggie Kisses by Sesame Street

The creation of author and animator Todd Parr, this is one of the most adorable animations that you could ever use to teach counting to children.

1. Count It Higher with Little Chrissy by Sesame Street

The video’s pretty grainy and it almost looks like it was shot in technicolor, but just crank up the volume and watch the smiles spread across the classroom. EVERY time I play this on the big screen at least half the class starts dancing and singing along like it was a live event. And you have to admit that Little Chrissy is an amazing performer, even for a muppet.

I’d also like to give some honorable mentions to Counting to Ten Fun! by ABC Fun TV, just because I love their banjo-playing hot dog, as well as to the Numbers song by ABC Kid TV.


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