Upcoming Webinar: Teaching Young Learners with Special Needs

Karen Frazier is a teacher I greatly respect, both for her wealth of experience, and for her co-authorship of the Let’s Go series. So when I found that she will be hosting a webinar called Teaching young learners with special needs – tips from a fellow teacher, my ears perked up. Anyone who has spent a few years in the classroom will be able to relate to the opening of her piece by the same title on the OUP ELT blog:

Every ELT teacher has experienced a moment when he or she wonders what else can be done to help a student who seems to be struggling in class. Trying new activities and methods may work, but sometimes the student continues to have problems. This may suggest the student has some underlying disability. It could also mean that the student is struggling primarily because the language is different from the student’s first language or because of issues related to acculturation.

In either case, what can a teacher do in class to help this student?

Indeed, I had a child or two in mind as I was reading this. The webinar takes place on the 12th of December and you can sign up by visiting the registration page. Even if you are not sure you can make the time, sign up anyway and get a recording of the event sent to you by OUP. No excuses for a topic of this importance and a speaker of this stature.

For a taste of Karen Frazier, check out her speaking on the use of puppets and flashcards in the classroom:


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