Upcoming Webinar: Helping Your Students to Become Effective Writers

I just finished reading a thought-provoking piece on the OUP ELT blog by Julie Moore (not to be confused with the actress), a freelance lexicographer and materials writer, on whether we ELTs really do enough to teach writing.

In ELT, we often talk about teaching the four skills; reading, writing, listening, and speaking. But how much class time do we actually devote to teaching writing skills? I know that for many years in my own teaching career, my ‘teaching’ of writing skills amounted to little more than five minutes (emphasis mine) going through a homework task at the end of the lesson. The task might be linked to the topic of the lesson and there might be a bit of useful vocabulary, a few key words or phrases in a nice shaded box, but otherwise, I think my students were pretty much left to their own devices.

If this sounds familiar, then sign up for her upcoming webinar, Helping your students to become effective writers, and gain access to her decades of experience and wisdom. It takes place on November 26th and 27th, so hurry on over to the registration page to sign up.

For a sample of the Julie Moore experience, I’ve dug up some videos, including:

Too busy to attend? As I’ve mentioned before, shortly after the webinar OUP sends out an email to everyone who signed up (whether they watched it live or not) with a link to a recording of the event which you can watch at your leisure.


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