Top 5 Video List: Shapes

Long ago using video in class must have been a pain. Perhaps you remember the days when the teacher dragged out the big mobile TV on that huge trolley, plugged it in, and put some tired old VHS cassette with grainy film in the VCR.

I bet that video is actually MORE boring than it looks.

Thankfully those days are over. In my own classes, I’ve used large screen projectors, tablets, laptops, and even my iPhone to show short video segments. They can complement your lesson really well, the kids really appreciate them, and with the advent of YouTube, the possibilities appear endless.

But that endless-ness is also a bit of a problem. With soooo much out there to sift through, what to choose, what to choose? Well ESL Review is launching a new regular segment, the TOP 5 VIDEO LIST, where I’ll release my picks of the best videos for a particular topic. It’ll be a heavy on materials for young learners but there will also be stuff for older kids, and adults as well, so stay tuned

And without further ado…

ESL Review’s Top 5 Video List: Shapes

5. Shapes Song by Dream English Kids

This cute song is by Matt at Dream English Kids. Although I raised an eyebrow at the production values (I know, I know… I’m a picky somethingorother), Matt’s got that kind of voice that children just follow along effortlessly to. Check out his site to download tons of his free songs and watch his other videos on YouTube.

4. Shapes by Maple Leaf Learning

Maple Leaf Learning has got a whole line of online flashcards on a variety of vocabulary that’s great for the classroom or learning at home. “Flashcards? What’s the difference with the ones I’ve already got?” I already hear you asking. But trust me, it’s different to the kids. Give it a shot.

3. Shapes by Pancake Manor

I was slow to like the videos by Pancake Manor but after a lot of repeat viewing they have grown on me. More importantly, the children really like the puppet characters and follow along with the songs.

2. The Shape Train by Vidzforkidz

There’s this whole way of teaching vocabulary on YouTube that involves putting it on trains that go by slowly. Watch the video to see what I mean. The best thing about it is that the children start making predictions about what will come next. There are actually several versions of the shape train herehere and here, but I like the video below best because it lets children hear the voice of young native speakers.

1. Shapes with Hero Guy and Baby Bear by Sesame Street

What can I say…I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for Sesame Street. Who doesn’t? My preschoolers found this video hilarious.

Okay so, that was the first list. There’ll be more to come in the future. (And a BIG HELLO to Jason Isaacs!, wink, wink)


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