Upcoming Webinar: Developing Effective Presentation Skills

Thomas Healy

I just finished reading this great piece on the OUP ELT Global Blog which tells the story of ELT instructor and presenter Thomas Healy’s journey from technology neophyte to proselytizer. There are some great tips about putting Facebook to use in the classroom with regards to giving presentations, and touches on (one of my favorite topics) making the most out of precious class time with technology. Mr. Healy will be expanding on this in a follow-up webinar entitled Developing Effective Presentation Skills, which takes place on the 8th and 14th of November. Go to the registration page to sign up and check your local time. 

Can’t make it? Shortly after the webinar has concluded OUP sends an email to everyone who has signed up with a link to a recording of the event, including the online chatter of the attendees. That’s great news for people whose changing schedules often prevent them from attending the live events. While there is the obvious downside of not being able to interact with the presenter and other attendees, at least you will have access to the knowledge being imparted by Mr. Healy. So sign up and watch at your leisure.


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