Super Teacher Worksheets: Worksheet Generators Review

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I wasn’t going to write about this site again so soon after my last post but I couldn’t help it following my latest discovery. Super Teacher Worksheets has just added three new worksheet generators that should cause teachers who are into making worksheets to drool. Stuff produced for this site always looks professional, which is one of the top reasons I use their material in the first place (in addition to the great content, of course). Now we get to borrow some of that luster for our own work.

Just in case you didn’t already know, Super Teacher Worksheets already has three great puzzle generators such as:

These puzzles are great improvements on tools that can be found elsewhere on the Internet. Tim Weibel (the site creator) has assured me by email that they are working on the coding for a new crossword puzzle generator to be made available sometime in the future. There are also basic math worksheet generators if you are interested. Good stuff, but it all pales in comparison to these latest additions:

  • Multiple Choice Question Generator *flabbergasted* This will save me so much time in making quizzes for my students
  • Matching Terms Generator This is great for matching things like words and definitions, or questions and answers, or even the first part of a sentence and the last party of a sentence. Students just draw lines between the matching terms.
  • Fill-in-the-Blanks Generator Needs no explanation really, other than why is this the first such generator of its kind that I have ever come across. It’s beautiful and great for a number of quizzes I would normally make myself.

Like all worksheets from this site an answer key is generated, but unlike the other worksheets at Super Teacher Worksheets, you can use these fabulous tools for FREE. There is a catch, though. Although you can print off as many as you like, the save function has been disabled. A little inconvenient I admit, but all the more reason for you to fork over the measly USD 20 that it costs for their annual subscription.

Super Teacher Worksheets, making life just that much easier for teachers around the world.


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