Cam Jansen Worksheets from Super Teacher Worksheets Review

Cam Jansen #1: The Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds at Amazon.comDuring the summer I taught a chapter book reading class to an energetic group of high level elementary students. We started off by reading Cam Jansen #1: The Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds from the bestselling mystery series by David Adler. It was a huge hit with my students for most of whom it was their first real mystery-detective story. For comprehension and vocabulary worksheets I naturally turned to the excellent selection offered by Super Teacher Worksheets, the essential site for teachers created by Tim Weibel.

The worksheets for this unit have been crafted to a very high quality by people who obviously know what it’s like to work in a classroom. Here is what you can get:

  • Chapter Questions: Multiple choice and full sentence comprehension questions for the first half, second half, and whole of the book. You can download the first one here for FREE. I also used it as a book quiz, with great success.

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  • Summarize the Picture: Students write a short paragraph describing a scene depicted from the novel. (Preview)
  • Question Leader: Students can practice writing discussion questions about the novel. (Download it for FREE).

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  • Summarizer: Students summarize in their own words a section of the novel assigned by the teacher. (Preview)
  • Illustrator: Students choose a scene from the story and draw a detailed image using their own imagination. Then other students can guess which part of the story the image takes place. (Preview)
  • Real Life Connector: In this innovative worksheet, students compare events in the novel with things that have happened in their real lives. (Preview)
  • Word Wizard: Students choose tricky words from the novel and write a definition in English. I also ask the students to write the meaning (but not the definition) in their L1. (Preview)

There is also a nice cover page for students, a character web worksheet, and a word search of key vocabulary from the text.

Quality is rarely free, and this site does have a USD20 annual subscription, but that is a steal for the value you can get out of the site.  If you like these worksheets you really should check out the other novel worksheets offered by the site.


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