Upcoming OUP Webinar: Dyslexia – A Problem or a Gift?

Dyslexia is something I first learned about from watching the Cosby Show when I was a child. But as an adult I cannot remember it being discussed much among coworkers, nor can I honestly recall giving it too much thought myself. Reading Marie Delaney’s post at OUP’s English language teaching blog made me wish I had. More than anything else I read, I gulped at the detrimental effect on student confidence that dyslexia has, and what a miserable experience the classroom can be for students with the condition.

Fortunately Marie Delaney’s upcoming OUP webinar, Dyslexia – A Problem or a Gift?, should prove very helpful by explaining how to understand the main issues concerning dyslexia; the strengths of dyslexic learners; and practical classroom strategies for us teachers. It will take place on the 9th and 18th of October – visit the registration page to check your local time and to sign up.

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