Let’s Go Online Homework Review (Part 2)

A few weeks ago I wrote about the online practice rolled out by OUP for its Let’s Go, English Time, and Everybody Up series. This week it’s time to talk about how to set it up for your students.

LG Online homework 1
1. The Teacher’s Book

First you’ll need to have the latest teacher’s book for each book that you want to assign online practice for. That’s because to gain access you need the code at the back of the book hidden under a gray bar which you scratch off.

CAUTION! Don’t use a coin or a key to scratch it off. I did this once and I scratched the number right off. If this happens to you, don’t panic just yet. Fortunately, after submitting photographic evidence, the very nice people at OUP tech support provided me with a replacement code (phew!). Just remember that it’s much safer to use your fingernail.

Let's Go 4 Teacher's Guide 01

Gently now…this is what happened when I used a key to scratch it off.

2. Set Up (for Teachers)

Next you’ll need to sign up and choose from one of the available languages such as Japanese, Arabic, or Portuguese (for instructions and help files). You’ll then be asked to input the code from the teacher’s book and then which book you want to use.

CAUTION! If you want access to Let’s Go 4 online practice but then accidentally (or out of curiosity) click Let’s Go 2, you’ll be out of luck because there is no going back and changing. Choose carefully.

Now that you’ve loaded the book you want to teach you can set up classes by first clicking “Manage Classes” and then “Add a New Class”. Each class that you set up will get its own class code that your students will need to sign up (more about that later).

LG Online homework 12

While signing up you will also be asked for an institution code, which you can get from OUP and will amalgamate all the classes run by different teachers into one location visible by the director. This is not necessary though if, like me, you are teaching students on your own.

3. Set Up (for Students)

Your students will have to go through a similar procedure to use online practice. First, they’ll need the course book with the access code in the back and an email address (theirs or their parents’) to log in.

When choosing the language the online practice will function with for students, remember to consider where the students will be doing it. If it’s with you, then choosing English is fine, but if it’s at home and if the parents have limited knowledge of English, then it might be more helpful to choose the student’s L1.

Then students will need to input the code from their student book and choose their book (same warning as above applies). They then type in the class code so their scores are tallied and provided to the teacher’s account. From here on they just choose the lesson they have been assigned and away they go.

I personally set up each of my student’s access just to make sure there were no mistakes. You may have a tech department that can take care of this for you.

CAUTION! There are two versions of the course book, one with online practice and one without. Look in the upper right hand corner to make sure your students have the right one.

Let's Go Workbook 4 01

If it doesn’t say online practice in the upper right hand corner then your students can’t get access to online practice

4. Management

Once students have signed up their names will automatically appear in the class registrar, which you can check by clicking “Manage Classes” followed by “View Details”. Inside here you can choose which lessons the students have access to by clicking “Hide Units/Lessons” button. Remember that students only have access to the lessons you choose, so if they say they can’t finish their online practice it’s probably because you didn’t open the lesson to them (something I know from personal experience).

LG Online homework 11

By clicking “View Reports” you can see if your students have finished their assigned online practice, what their score is, and how long it took them. That means “the dog ate my homework” just won’t cut it any more. “Add New Book” is where you go to add additional levels to use in online practice.

LG Online homework 10

1. Manage Classes: This lets you view the different classes you have set up.
2. View Reports: This will provide a summary of each class’ progress, including average scores and completion time.
3. Enter Online Practice: This is where you go to try the online practice out yourself.
4. Add New Book: You will need to visit here each time you begin a new level.

You may have noticed there are a few codes to deal with. Here’s a reminder for keeping them straight: teacher book codes start with the letter T, like T-975-XXX-XXXX; student book codes start with letter S, like S-301-XXX-XXXX;  and class codes start with the letter C, like C-139-XXX-XXXX. Simple, eh?

5. Results

It’s a little soon for me to say whether there has been a noticeable improvement thanks to OUP online practice. So far, though, my students have been stoked about using it and there haven’t been any technical glitches. As for myself, I’ve become a huge fan of it and hope OUP continues to develop and improve it.

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