Super Teacher Worksheets Review: What am I? Quiz

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A few months back I was in need of a quiz I could give to my students. It wasn’t to cover class material. I love brain teasers and wanted something that could puzzle them through the week, to get them thinking and, most importantly, talk with each other. I naturally found what I needed at Super Teacher Worksheets with their What am I? quizzes. The concept is simple enough. Each day of the week students are given a clue to a mystery word which they try and guess. As each clue is added students gather more information to guess with and by the end of the week it becomes fairly obvious. You can try out this one for free.

What am I quiz 1

Here are the first couple of clues. What could it be?

With my students I posted a huge piece of paper on the wall to glue the clues onto vertically. Then each week I would start the next quiz right alongside it. Like this:

What am I quiz 2

M, T, W, T, F of course indicate the days of the week for which a clue would be glued on the wall poster. A is the answer, which I would put up the following Monday. Then you start the next quiz beside it the next week. After two or three months you’ll have quite a collection.

I also gave out a limited number of prizes to the first few students who guessed correctly. It was challenging but proved to be a huge hit with my students.

If your class is into social media you could play this game out on Twitter. Each day send out a tweet with a clue and encourage your students to tweet back the answer. You could do it over several days, or send several tweets over the course of the day. For example:

Tweet 1: “I was a tasty snack for people of long ago. I am also a tasty snack for people today.

Tweet 2: “I am a gold color. After you cook me, I turn white.”

What am I quiz 3

Who ever said social media was a waste?

Tweet 3: “Mmm, Mmm, I smell so good while I cook!”

Tweet 4: “I am a little noisy. “Pop, pop, pop,” I say. I get bigger as I cook.

Tweet 5: “After I am cooked, you can put butter and salt on me. But, don’t put on too much! I will not be as good for you if I am too salty or buttery.”

Cool, eh?

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