Super Simple Songs Review: Count and Move

Count and Move is an upbeat song by Super Simple Learning that will get your kids excited for class. Found at the beginning of Super Simple Songs 2, I’ve been using it all week as a killer warm-up, much to the delight of my preschool classes. Do yourself a service and give the video a watch:

Cool, eh? At the beginning of class I write one to twenty on the board and count with the kids twice: once pointing to the numbers on the board (usually as I’m writing) and then counting my fingers and toes. After that it’s up off the ground, cue the music, and get marching, arms-a-swinging. As Devon (the creator of Super Simple Learning) counts off the numbers, we join along, raising our hands and fingers to show the numbers.

Don’t forget to check out the song page to download their free flashcards and read some great ideas about how to teach the song. To end off, I’ll leave you with this small fry singing with real gusto.


Super Simple Learning has just come out with an update to the music video. It’s great, and all… totally useable…but I just can’t help but be partial to the old one. Call me old school, the original has the same voice as the CD and it’s just…well…cuter.

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