Snap Smart Kids Review: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

It wasn’t long ago that I tried to teach Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, the classic children’s song that has been translated into scores of languages, to some of my kindergarten classes, including children as young as four. Despite the familiar melody, I was worried the lyrics might come across to the children as a confusing jumble of nonsense. So I set about trying to find some actions to accompany the song. That’s when I came upon Snap Smart Kids, who, in their words, “[are] dedicated to providing high quality children’s videos and educational apps which encourage children to have fun while learning! Our preschool action songs, nursery rhymes, chants and preschool education video skits will keep your child engaged and coming back for more!” 

For my purposes, this quartet of young ladies had just what I needed: simple actions that were perfect for teaching to youngsters. The kids were far more focused on singing the song and really got into it. You can give the video a watch below:

My only little tweak was when the ladies were raising their hands saying, “Up above the world so high…” followed by “like a diamond in the sky”, at which point I raised my hands just a bit higher, over my head, as if into the sky itself. 

Nevertheless, after that success I took a look at Snap Smart Kids and felt like I had discovered an untapped video cache of nursery rhymes, songs, and skits. If you teach preschoolers you really should check out their YouTube channel. As for myself, I plan on incorporating their work into my YouTube playlists I use for class (but more about that in a future post). I’m picky about what I use but Snap Smart Kids definitely makes the grade.


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