Site Review: Anglomaniacy (Board Games)


If you teach English to elementary school age kids, then Anglomaniacy should definitely be on your radar. This is a 100% free site from Poland with swarms of flashcards, online games, downloadable board games, quizzes, worksheets, and traditional songs. Whenever I discover something this valuable being given away, I always tell myself that it’s only a matter of time before I’ll have to pay.

That’s why these days I’ve been busy printing, cutting, and laminating as many of their board games as possible (card games / simple board gamesfull board games). Why practice speaking out of a book when you can use a board game that is fun and easy to play? There are over thirty games available that practice a variety of vocabulary words and expressions such as:

Here is an example from the occupations game:

board game 01

Left: game board, game cards, and tokens. Center: score cards. Right: answer key.

Students practice the sentence pattern:

  • What’s her/his job? He’s a cook.
  • What does a cook do? She/He prepares food.

And it comes with a game boardgame cards, game tokens, a score card, and the answer key (There are instructions, too, but I have them on the back of the answer key).

I wish I had know about this site years ago…


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