A Personal Classic: Point Inflation

Teachers often divide their classes up into teams and give points out for correct answers during games and other activities. What problem can arise from this you may ask? (For the moment, we’ll set aside the topic of over-competitiveness.)  Sometimes a single team may get so many points, the other team(s) can’t catch up, which can really put a damper on the class mood.

The solution is what I call “Point Inflation”. That is, by gradually increasing the number of points students can get for a correct answer you can pump energy into the class and give losing teams an incentive to keep trying. To start off, divide the class into teams, and write some numbers on the board like this:


When somebody from a team gives a correct answer, that student can roll a dice and multiply the number from the dice by the number on the board. Somebody from “Us” answers a question correctly and rolls a two. Since two times one is two, they get two points. Now it is “Them”‘s turn. Uh-oh somebody rolled only a one. Disappointing, right? Nope, because two times one is still two, and both teams are tied. Now “Not them” gets a go, and they roll a three for an amazing nine points!

photo (1)

Now things are really stating to heat up. The “Us” team gets a correct answer and rolls a 2, for an astounding eight points to take the lead.

photo (2)With all that action going on, teams don’t have time to be dispirited by temporary setbacks. They know that they if they keep participating, their team can still win, no matter how far back they are at the beginning. Sometimes I keep it going until x30 depending on how much I want to practice with the kids.

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