Turtle Diary Review: Biographies

Turtlediary.com is a funky educational site with games, videos, worksheets and lessons plans which could come in handy for the resourceful teacher. They cover a variety of subjects including language arts, science, social studies, and math. In the online biographies section children can read about explorers, scientists, world leaders, writers, and artists on their computers at home. This could be a great resource for teachers looking for online reading material or as a supplement to course sections about any of these great figures.

Einstein biography 01

Above you can see the first two pages of a short biography about Albert Einstein. Many key words are underlined so that when you click on them a little window opens up with a short definition of the word, a pronunciation guide and recording of the pronunciation. There is also a complete word list on each book page which children can click to hear the pronunciation.

At the end of the reading there is a summary of the subject’s major accomplishment and several pages of review questions. 

Einstein biography 02

If the child clicks the correct answer the box changes to green, and red if they are incorrect.

Turtle Diary is of course a pay site ($79 annual subscription fee), but there are five biographies you can try for free (as well as a host of other material on their site).


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