Super Simple Songs Review: The Wheels on the Bus

“The Wheels on the Bus”  is always fun for young kids and Super Simple Learning’s two versions of this classic children’s song are a must have. They clean out some of the unnecessary and difficult parts while adding some great sound effects. The song has become one of my new favorites. Check out the song pages (here and here) for the demo, verses, and teaching tips.

When teaching the song, be sure to use the free flashcards from the song page to pre-teach all the vocabulary. I introduce each card slowly one by one, practicing the item with the action. For example, I repeat the word “door” clearly two times, and I also ask the kids to show where the door of the classroom is. Then I join my hands together up and down the front of my body to form bus doors, and say “open and shut”.  I’ll also do other examples with a real door, my hands, eyes, ears and nose (just for laughs).

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These are the first four of the free flash cards, which you can download on the song pages.

(Incidentally, one class of five year olds added daddies to the song as an additional verse and came up with this disapproving grunting sound for an action which was both cute and concerning.)

There are two versions of the song on Super Simple Songs 2, tracks 9 and 10, that you should use together.  In the first version, subtitled Learn it, the song moves at a really slow pace to help children get a clear grasp of the vocabulary, melody, and actions. After you have sufficiently gone through the vocabulary you can just play it and the children should be able to follow pretty well with you leading. Once this has played through I go right into the second version, subtitled Sing it, which picks up the pace and has great sound effects. The sudden transition to such a high energy song gets the kids real excited. It’s a real hoot. Watch these kids from Ms. Lucky.


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