Wimpy Kid Guess Who?

The board game Guess Who? is fun for children and a great way to practice describing people. The only problem I’ve had with it in the classroom is that’s its really a two player game, which is not great when you are teaching groups of children numbering more than four or six (not to mention twelve to twenty). It’s also not practical to have ten sets of the same game. So far my solution has been to make teams of four to six, which is okay, but dilutes the fun of the game because everyone still has to wait a while to ask a question.


Then, while at ISL Collective, a FREE website with thousands upon thousands of worksheets and handouts made by teachers all over the world, I discovered you can download a Wimpy Kid version of Guess Who?. With the click of a button, my troubles were gone.

The front side looks like this:

스크린샷 2013-07-06 오후 9.47.07

There are 48 characters on the game board, giving a lot of challenge to students.

The back side looks like this:

스크린샷 2013-07-06 오후 9.51.26

The back side of the game has a lot of sample questions for students to model after.

You can print off a bunch to play for your class, with students using their pencils to cross off heads, or you could also laminate them and use dry erase markers (or place holders like in bingo). There’s no real downside to this game, which makes it one of the most popular downloads at ISL. It’s a real winner!

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