A Scathing Review: Kids Butter

kids butterIn a lot of jobs, you occasionally have to do things that really make you mad, frustrated, or perhaps just plain go against every fiber in your being. Fortunately as English teachers we’re never asked to whack anybody, or make sub-prime mortgages look like triple A investments. We do occasionally have to teach things that we don’t like just because the boss wants us to (and for me that comes pretty close to one of the aforementioned examples).

What could be so horrible you ask? Teaching the kindergarten series Kids Butter. There are just so many things wrong with this series that over the course of the next year I’ve decided to chronicle just what I dislike about it. Now, during this process I might just find this series’ inner core, that special something that is truly magical; or I might just make myself more enraged about how badly designed I think it is.

In any case, should you never read this blog again, please heed my warning: DON’T USE KIDS BUTTER! If on the other hand you intend to stick around, stay tuned for my 20 reasons not to use Kids Butter.


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