Super Simple Songs Review: I like Something Blue

This week I had the pleasure of teaching the song “I See Something Blue” from Super Simple Songs 1 to my kindergarten classes. This was a brilliant song, cheerful, upbeat, and able to put a smile on even the most cynical of six year olds. The video below shows Devon Thagard, the founder of Super Simple Learning, and a few small groups of kids singing the song. Check out the song page on the website and it will teach you everything you need to know, and there are some great, FREE flash cards too.

It’s a good idea to pre-teach the colors blue, yellow, red, and purple which are featured in the song. Then practice saying “I see something blue/yellow/red/purple” by putting your hand over your eyes like Devon in the video. Let the kids find what you are looking at. They’ll also probably want to point at a few things on their own just to show you that they know the colors.

Now I teach groups of twenty plus kindergarten children so demonstrations are a must. I choose a well behaved boy and a girl and take them by the hand like in the video and just act out the song. The little helpers catch on pretty quick and soon enough the kids sitting on the floor are green with envy and want to try too. After a full run through with the helpers the whole class stands up, makes a circle, and does it again together. Some kids get a little over excited so for large classes its great if you are lucky enough to have an assistant to keep the kids in line (or if you don’t then it’s a great chance for you to work on your patience and class control skills:).

The whole thing was great fun and I was amazed how quickly the kids picked up on the lyrics. The song has definitely become one of my new favorites.


4 thoughts on “Super Simple Songs Review: I like Something Blue

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