The Genius of Genki English

Ever taught preschoolers English in a non-immersion environment and had trouble getting them to remember what you teach? If the answer is “yes” then you probably need to get yourself a copy of Genki English, a downloadable software program and set of songs. It’s a must-have for teachers working with young children and has certainly opened my eyes to just how much children can learn through the power of song.

The genius behind Genki English is Richard Graham, a UK national who divides his time between Japan and a dozen other countries. Richard has spent over ten years developing his system of teaching English, and travels the world training teachers in his methods. For teachers his website is positively a gold mine of great activities and games, while the mingle game in particular is pure hilarity.

The basic premise behind Genki English is that kids like music. When they hear a great song they will repeat it ad nausea. So use the right song with kids, and they never forget what you’ve taught them. Using Richard’s material, even (or perhaps especially) kindergarten children are able to learn and retain more English than anything else I’ve ever used. There are over a hundred original songs, each with their own set of vocabulary, on a variety of themes such as colors, shapes, months, greeting, sports, food, animals, and even superheroes.

When you buy Genki English you also get access to a myriad of flash cards, games and activities, a software package, and a community of teachers around the world who believe in this system of teaching English. Not to mention that Richard always makes the superheroic effort of answering all the questions that come into his email inbox. Genki English might seem a bit pricy at first, but I can attest that it is worth every penny, and will pay for itself in terms of happy smiles and satisfied parents.


4 thoughts on “The Genius of Genki English

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